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About Oxynord, a supplier of industrial gas solutions

Oxynord is a company specialized in the production and distribution of industrial and medical gases, delivered in bulk or bottled.

Unique company in northern Morocco to produce industrial and medical fluids, Oxynord provides a large number of companies from Morocco, from various sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, food, beverage, electronic components, medical … Since its creation in 2001, Oxynord has relied on a network of strong international partners to offer a wide range of specialty gases, pure gases and blends for small industries. All gases delivered in bulk or bottled are controlled and approved by an official control office and approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Morocco.

In parallel with industries, Oxynord offers public and private hospitals, emergency workers and home care specialists state-of-the-art medical fluid solutions: Medical Oxygen, Medical Nitrous Oxide, Compressed Air, CO2 …

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We supply gases for industry, health, the environment and research.